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14 and Pregnant
At "14" Kimberly feels neglected by her parents who works constantly. She is surrounded by peer pressure which she succumbing to doing things that she’s not ready for. Decision points with the help of her best friend, Kimberley learns that some choices we cannot blame anyone else for our poor decisions. Drugs, unprotected sex, pregnancy, and STD’s pivots Kimberly into a life she never imagined. She is faced with life changing decisions that no one saw coming.. Also, Now Available on Amazon Kindle..
Murder in the Choir (Helen Mirkin 2)
DI Helen Mirkin, herself an amateur singer in her spare time, is tasked with solving the mysterious death of a promising young soprano on the verge of a major career break. Was this a murder or suicide, or were there other reasons for her untimely death? The investigation explores the complicated aspirations of both participants and staff at the prestigious Opera Music Workshop, a summer 'bootcamp' for talented singers from across the globe that is rife with passions stoked by love, jealousy and hate.
The Rosebush Murders (Helen Mirkin 1)
Meet DI Helen Mirkin, a quirky, somewhat opinionated, musically-minded detective. In this psychological thriller, a woman is murdered, her body found in Jerusalem's Rosebush Garden. The investigation examines both her personal and professional worlds, and leads to an exploration of an unbridled ambition that stops at nothing. In parallel, the stage is set for readers to follow the detective's life story as the series unfolds.
Execution of Justice
Action, adventure, and advanced military tactics set the stage for nonstop suspense and psychological drama when John Drake Jr. embarks on a military career in special ops as a new World War looms. Tracking the most powerful enemy he has ever faced, haunted by demons from his family and his past, Drake must confront the most terrifying identity of all – his own.
24 Ways To Pray Through Your Day
Is your day slipping by without prayer? Do you keep waiting for the perfect time or some peace and quiet? In the midst of the busyness, the stress, the to-do’s and the to-don’ts, those moments never seem to come. They don’t have to. God gives us moments throughout our daily chaos to call out to him. We simply need to recognize them. When we do, prayer is no longer something we try to work into our day. It becomes our day. Gain insight into these daily prayer opportunities with 24 Ways To Pray Through Your Day and learn two dozen ways to transform each moment of the day into time with God.
Repeat With Me: I AM (Inspiring, Aspiring & Motivating) Success Every Moment: In The Spring!
We all talk to ourselves, and yet more than half of what we say to ourselves may be negative! Life Guide Edward F. T. Charfauros offers guidance using powerful and comprehensive communication for people such as yourself to positively affect your life for optimal long-term benefit. Featuring self-talk messages that can help you to: * Strengthen confidence and self-esteem * Support self-growth and professional development * Succeed with relationships (romance, friendships, career, etc.) * Enhance healthy choices, habits, and lifestyle * Cultivate respect, optimism, and faith * Encourage health improvement and sustainability * Enrich personal prosperity and wealth Use these self-communicating messages within and guide yourself to be the best ideal “YOU” that you have been yearning to be! Reprogram your inner dialogue with Edward F. T. Charfauros' proven self-communication scripts that assists him in taking control of his life and his destiny.
New Murder Mystery
Eight people are seated at Table 29 for the Atlantic crossing. Not all of them will survive. See if you can identify the murderer.
Serious Poems, Silly Rhymes and Sillier Odes
A series of both serious and silly verse raising money for animal protection and the homeless
Discovering ASLAN
Discovering ASLAN: High King above all Kings in Narnia - a devotional commentary on Aslan as the Lion of Judah. The seven chapters explore the seven Narnia stories.
Sell More and Better, Eternal Sales Techniques beyond Internet
When the fiction meets the art of selling the result is an entertaining and original sales book. You don’t need fancy persuasion tactics, a perfect sales pitch or be the greatest salesman in the world. You need to know the Eternal Sales Techniques that will always work. From the universal sale principles, to the final formula to get customer loyalty and exceed their expectations. An ancient book, a sword with a soul, a Samurai with a mission, a tiger and a dragon... Discover what they have in common in this unique literary experience, full of principles, ideas, a lot of humor and amazing concepts to sell more and better. Anyone in sales will find inspiration and motivation in this sales book that provides the keys to excellent sales results. After the success of the original edition, it is finally available the English version. A must-read for all type of salespeople, entrepreneurs, businessmen, marketing and sales professionals, sales managers, sales trainers, exporters, start-ups and students.
Encyclopedia greats on the top
Learn the story behind "Encyclopedia greats on the top " and help us meet our goal. @indiegogo
Five Weeks to Jamaica
The cruise of a lifetime! 'Five Weeks to Jamaica' follows four young friends on a seafaring journey of wanderlust and adventure from San Diego, California to Jamaica, and beyond. They sought a change in their lives, they discovered more than they ever imagined.
Ateni Samjak
“Our history, our culture, our religion… our identity… is worth fighting for and, if need be, dying for.” Ateni Samjak tells the story of a Greek family who lived under the crushing boots and blood-stained swords of the Turkish army that ruled their lands and their lives. It is a story of a man who refused to relinquish his heart, mind or soul to his persecutors, no matter the price he had to pay. It is the story of a slave who raised his head from the dirty streets to marvel at his past and dream of a future where all men live free. Ateni Samjak is a sweeping tale that reminds us why our past matters and why we have to fight to preserve and protect it. Click this link to purchase. 
مجموعه آثار فکاهی طنز
مجموعه آثار فکاهی طنز در این کتاب شما می‌توانید مجموعه آثار فکاهی و طنز یک نویسنده ایرانی، یعنی دکتر فرامرز آشنای قاسمی را مطالعه کنید. شما می‌توانید کارهای مختلفی را در این کتاب مطالعه کنید. از طنزهای تک جمله‌ای گرفته تا نمایشنامه و داستان کوتاه. خواندن این کتاب شما را با آثار یکی از طنزپردازان معاصر ایرانی آشنا خواهد کرد. نکته درخور توجه این است که به سبب موجود بودن نسخ فارسی و انگلیسی کتاب در کشور و نیز در سایت آمازون؛ مطالعه همزمان این کتاب می‌تواند راهنمای مناسبی باشد برای افرادی که تمایل به ترجمه آثار خود به زبان انگلیسی دارند. مقدمه کتاب می‌خواستم از یکی از دوستانم که پیشکسوت طنز نیز هست تقاضا کنم تا مقدمه‌ای برای این کتاب بنویسد و مسلماً از ایشان تقاضا کنم که ضمن تمجید و تعریف بیش از حد رایج در چنین مقدماتی (مقدمه‌های سابق)، مرا یک جورهایی پدر نوعی از طنز مملکت کند. چون اگر این اتفاق رخ ندهد، ممکن است خواندن این کتاب برای شما چندان دلچسب نگردد. آخر امروزه رسم شده که قدیمی‌های هر زمینه‌ای که از دنیا می‌روند، به نوعی آن عزیزان را پدر یا مادر آن زمینه و یا دست‌کم بخشی از آن زمینه می‌کنند. جالب این‌که بعضی اوقات این القاب تکراری نیز می‌شوند. مثل مادر سینمای ایران که به چند هنرمند خانم پیشکسوت سینمای ایران در پس از فوت‌شان اتلاق شد، یا به طور مشابه، عناوینی چون پدر تأتر ایران و . . . . قابل ذکر است که پس از مدت‌ها جستجو، لقب "پدر مظلوم طنز ایران" (البته "پدر طنز مظلوم ایران" هم فکر کنم بی‌صاحب باشد) را هم برای خودم مناسب یافتم. از مظلومیتم هم همین بس که در اوج توانایی، به سبب آن‌که اجازه داده نمی‌شد که با نام و نام فامیل خودم طنز بنویسم، دست از نوشتن برداشتم. بلی، در جستجوی دوست پیشکسوتی بودم که چنین مقدمه‌ای را برای این کتاب به رشته تحریر درآورد، ولی به هر کدام که تماس گرفتم گوشی‌اش جواب نداد. به قطعه هنرمندان بهشت زهرا که سر زدم، دیدم، یار در خانه و ما گرد جهان می‌گشتیم. بلی این هم یکی از دردسرهای یکی­یک‌دانه‌های قدیم است. چون دوستان‌شان معمولا سن پدرشان را دارند، به میانه عمر که می‌رسند، دوستان جان‌جانی‌شان دیگر در قید حیات نیستند. به هر حال این برگ سبز که فاقد هرگونه تحفه درویش و یا مقدمه‌ای و شامل دو فصل است تقدیم شما سروران گرامی می‌شود. فصل اول شامل زندگینامه هنری و آثار پیشتر چاپ یا پخش شده در رسانه‌های مختلف، همچون "گل‌آقا"، "طنز پارسی"، "فکاهیون"، "خورجین"، "دنیای ورزش"، "اطلاعات"، "خبر جنوب"، "روز هفتم"، "صدا و سیمای جمهوری اسلامی ایران" و برخی رسانه‌هاست که "با نام" و "بی نام" و در مواردی حتی "با نام افرادی به‌جز خودم"، اقدام به ارائه آثارم کرده‌اند. آثاری مانند این کاریکلماتور که چه بسا شما هم آن را متعلق به فرد دیگری به‌جز بنده می‌دانیدش: شب یلدا، شب‌ترین شب سال است. فصل دوم نیز مربوط به آثار چاپ نشده‌ام است. این فصل نیز با توجه به ژانر متنوع مطالب، شامل چند بخش، از طنزهای تک جمله‌ای تا داستان کوتاه است. در پایان، امید است که این کشکول مطالب، مقبول نظر شما مهربانان واقع شود. در ضمن، نمی‌دانم الان که این جمله را می‌خوانید من در قید حیات هستم یا خیر؟ با این حال خوشحال می‌شوم نظرات خود را به نشانی پستی الکترونیکی من ارسال نمایید: مسلماً اگر بیش از یک ماه شد و پاسخی از من دریافت نکردید، شک نکنید که پاسخ جمله سؤالی فوق، به احتمال زیاد مثبت است. لحظات­تان دلپذیر دکتر فرامرز آشنای قاسمی تهران- تابستان 1393 لینک تهیه کتاب در ایران: لینک تهیه کتاب در سایت آمازون: لینک آشنایی بیشتر با مولف کتاب:
Humorous-Satirical Works
This book is the translated version of humor and satire works composed by an Iranian artist. You can read a wide variety of genres in this book, ranging from one-statement works to short pieces and stories. Reading this book would familiarize you with one of the current Iranian satire artists. This summary helps you become more familiar with this book: Modern Diary of a Madman Brawn-Day The Boogeyman died. Maintaining his official position as the head of Modern Times Sanatorium, he was also in charge of scaring us on power cut nights. Last night, he died naturally from the blow I, Leonardo Da Vinci, gave him right on his skull. The new boss is supposed to be elected tomorrow. The candidates include, King Kung, Godzilla and Hercules. I have no clue which one would bump off the others, but I am sure whoever managing to do that job successfully would easily be able to bump off us all. Run-Day There will be a dog sled racing next week. Most of the folks had already bet on White Fang. Jack London (White Fang owner) states that his dog has recovered only recently and should not have been put on the race but he needed the reward to buy the gold ring his wife asked for. On the other hand, Tintin is very confident about his dog winning in spite of Jack, and claims that Milou is quite in the zone and is expected to leave the field as a champion. I have no clue what “in the zone” means, but I think I will bet on Milou. Yeah, great plan, I sure will. Read more in the book! Modern Murphy’s Laws Party Food •When you have a few guests, since you are preparing the meal in an amount different than usual, the quality of the meal always ends up less than normal in comparison with the meal you ordinary make, or even tastes bad to some extent. •In such circumstances, your husband and children would keep asking, “What have you poured in this food to make it so delicious?!” •If food is too much, nobody would like to eat it. •If the food is insufficient, then everybody especially your husband and children would like to eat twice as usual! Read more in the book! Cariwordators1 •I feel pity for those who spend hours planning to waste every single second of their lives. •The scarecrow needs to wait until winter to become a snowman. •Yalda2 is the nightest night of the year. 1 A blending term I have coined originally from Cari-Kalamator, a combination of Caricature and Word literally meaning satirical wordplay. 2 Yalda “Birth of Mitra” is the Persian winter solstice celebration which has been popular since ancient times. Yalda is celebrated on the Northern Hemisphere's longest night of the year about December 22 each year. Read more in the book! Chaos City Chicken or Egg? •Which do you think came first, the chicken or the egg?! •Neither one, the rooster came first. •How come?! That can’t be. •It can. Just like the way Adam came before Eve! Children Book •Hello, there’s a children book published lately with hardcover as big as a kids grave, do you have it here by any chance?! •I’m afraid not, mam. The books we sell in this store are only big enough to lead adults to the graveyard. Read more in the book! (Written in) Exam Papers Ladies or Gentlemen? - …May I ask why do you always give the best grades to ladies, but do injustice to gentlemen? [From the exam paper handed over by a male student.] - …May I ask why do you always give the best grades to gentlemen, but do injustice to ladies? [From the exam paper handed over by a female student.] - Moral of the story would be equal cruelty is justice! - Immoral of the story would be the grass is always greener on the other side of the classroom! Read more in the book! Profound Words •Dictatorship is an individualistic democracy. •Once they gaze at the night sky, some self-centered people wish to have the moon wink at them. •Regulated relationships overpower regulations on relatio
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