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Life's Tangled Trail
Helen rescues a baby from the arms of its dead mother. Allen helps an elderly man with mysterious ties to Allen’s own family. It is from this man that Allen and Helen will begin receiving an education in everything from evolutionary theory to the possibility of a worker’s utopia
My Serial Killer
Kira Smith is late for school, she experiences a near-death situation when a young man with an eyepatch rushes to her rescue, will this meeting change her life? And, what's the deal with that serial killer in New York? What are his motives and reasons for killing all these people? How will Kira, her family and her savior deal with it? Will she encounter that bloodthirsty murderer at some point? What's Utopia? Why is there a Mage Squad in New York? Hell and Heaven? Demons and Angels? Even Gods? How will the duo and their friends face all of these obstacles in their life? Only one way to find out!
Geometric pattern 3n
Geometric pattern neon abstract modern for iphone 7 Apple case
Owls 3b iPhone 7 cases
New pattern Owls 3b for iPhone 7 cases Apple
Happy New Year pattern
new pattern for case iphone 7
Nadkaar - Website Development Dubai
Nadkaar is passionate about designing and crafting a well thought-out plan for our clients that include, web design and development, SEO, digital marketing, UI/UX design, branding and everything in between. Nadkaar picks and assembles all the ingredients required for your brand to enter the market with a bang and takes its target audience by storm.
Poetic State of Mind
We are all hopelessly inept people struggling every day to form coherent sentences to express ourselves but somehow failing to do so. This book is filled with such words. Words that form sentences together and sentences which together form a story. Your story. Go ahead and try to find yourself inside this book. It'll be a journey you won't regret This book is a creative and beautiful reflection of love, heartbreak and strength. A simple and heartfelt collection of musings and poems
The Awakening
In The Awakening, book 1 of The Elders Trilogy, Jessica Cartright has come of age. On top of being new to adulthood and all it encompasses; her nightly dreams are haunted by a faceless man guiding her deeper into the darkness. Fight or flight mode ensues, but she’s trapped. When she’s finally reunited with her first love, her dreams start becoming a reality. Is this a coincidence or are they somehow linked? When these two worlds collide, she fears for her life but finds there’s nowhere left to run.
UberEats Clone
Uberdoo features all that is required to develop an amazing food ordering, UberEats clone app which rest assures that your business venture related to food ordering and delivery results in astounding success. The UberEats clone app will be competing with the likes of other such apps and satiating your customers to the fullest by being in the forefront of the competition.
Swiggy Clone
Our Swiggy clone is the perfect app which takes your food ordering and delivery business to the next level !. Prepare to be captivated by the amazing features associated with this smart app. Swiggy clone serves to address and satiate the cravings of its users.
Mountain-6 (Art of Tamal Sen Sharma)
Water Colour
Mountain-7 (Art of Tamal Sen Sharma)
Water colour
Tony Oquias Photography
Tony Oquias Photography is a full-service location and studio photography company specializing in advertising, industrial, architectural, environmental and studio portraiture, fine art, wedding, reportage, lifestyle, still life, and stock photography.
Tinder Clone
We feature an effective Tinder clone script which serves enthralling when it comes to dating and with this Tinder clone you can easily develop a dating app integrated with your personal touches and features in no time so that your app is sure to be better than the original Tinder app as well.
Philosophical Reflections on the Economic Crisis, 54 pages
"Philosophical Reflections on the Economic Crisis: From Obscuristan to Absurdistan" ($3.99) is a 54-page eBook that could ignite interest in philosophy and critical thinking. Education is the "great transformer" said economist John Kenneth Galbraith. Words can crack the frozen soul, said Franz Kafka. Enjoy the feast! Celebrate your independence!
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