S. E. Cyborski
: S. E. Cyborski
: Female
: remanth99@yahoo.com
The second group who participated in the medical trial has splintered, just as the first had. Rose, Brandy, and Nick choose to remain with Dr. Carnesby and the others in the effort to deal with Sandra, Michael, and Amy. Eric decides to join forces with Sandra, craving some of the fame and wealth she is accruing.
With Amy, Sandra, and Michael gone, George and Billy feel at loose ends. Then Dr. Carnesby informs them that The Corporation wants to continue testing Gnotret and they want him to put together another trial with more volunteers. George and Billy agree to help, wondering how things might go wrong this time.
While he doesn't like the sound of the experimental drug trial his girlfriend Amy Veksler found a flyer for on campus, George Ormond still lets himself be persuaded to join it. He,Amy, and three other students go to a warehouse where Doctor Adam Carnesby, the biology professor who's running the study, has everything set up for the month long trial. Everything seems to be going well even though all five of the students become sick for a week after their first injections. At the start of the second week, they all recover, feeling better than ever. Then, they start to discover that there were more side effects to the drug than just a cold.
A Weight Relieved
After a string of spectacularly failed relationships in college, Daniel Walker convinced himself it was far better to be alone. However, his younger sister Rebecca, a private investigator who sometimes worked with his clients at the Targe Agency, saw the weight of that loneliness crushing her brother. She decided take matters into her own hands by finding someone who could be a match for him. Luckily, she wouldn’t have to look far; the detective she consulted for in the NYPD, Lynn Cook, was just the person she was searching for. Now the question was, could she get the two of them together?
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"Escapees and Fevered Minds" by David Owain Hughes
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