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Title : Shift Happens
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Experiencing turbulence in your life? You may not be breaking down, you may be waking up. What's more, if you're reading this you probably sense change coming. Not that flimsy kind of temporary change, but Authentic transformation that can alter your life experience in a permanent and fulfilling way. Gina Charles uses empowering insight and witty illustrations to cover the essentials: who we are, where we are, and how this place works. Find your tools and learn how to use them. Learn to read the sign posts of life, connect to your intuition, and jump-start the life of your dreams. We all have the ability to wake up FROM the dream. The life of our dreams lies in Awakening IN the dream. In addition to pull-quotes throughout the book, Part Five offers a list of "Tips and Tricks to Kick Yourself Back Into Play". The bliss of an Authentic lifestyle is the byproduct of spiritual Awakening and Conscious expansion. The degree to which your Consciousness expands is the degree to which you understand yourself and the Universe. Are you ready?
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