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Title : The Face Reader: Confluence of Estranged Souls
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They say everything in life happens for a reason. The problems we are prone to, the situations we are surrounded by, and the people who cross our lives, all happen for a reason. But what happens in reality is that we seldom acknowledge the reason for the unfolding of events and meeting of people. But what if we actually do? How would it be if we knew the reason why some people walk into our lives and some leave? Curious? Well, this book should help you out with battling your curiosity. Titled The Face Reader, the book is written by Lavanya Nair and is published by Notion Press. It is now available to readers all over the world. The author has spun a gripping fiction around the life of Chitra, a happy and an ambitious woman, who is exposed to events that unfold in a bizarre pattern. Her common sense is challenged when she is prone to episodes that leave her humiliated. What Chitra doesn’t know is the connection she shares with a guy; the guy behind all the events unfolding in her life. By creating arduous situations that keep challenging Chitra, the guy intends to finish an old business. After hitting rock bottom, Chitra decides to uncover the mystery behind the happenings and sets out to get some answers. But the revelations are not going to show any mercy on Chitra. Who is the guy and what is his purpose? Will she find out the reasons behind her suffering? If she finds out, will she revert with raging vengeance or acknowledge that there is a lesson for her in it? Read to find out – The Face Reader.
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