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Title : "Diary of a Lap Dancer" by Sunshine Ross
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Diary of A Lap Dancer – The Novel, is part expose, part memoir about the world of strippers and gentleman’s show bars. From the appalling behavior of celebrities, to escaping from disgruntled Yakuza in Japan, Sunshine Ross delivers us a witty and satirical account, in an unapologetic voice, that will enthrall and astonish. Sunshine also reveals the bizarre nature of an exotic dancer’s life, while explaining exactly what goes on inside a strip-club. She dishes the dirt on clients, managers and staff alike, and informs us what type of person it takes to become an exotic dancer. Divas! Degradation! Debauchery! All the naughty things you were afraid to ask. So sit down, take a seat, and keep your hands where we can see them!
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