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Title : "Dad, Wanna Be Our Manager" by J.B. Errico
Category : Books
Bernie Endino is an accountant and a baseball fan. His life is about to change; making baseball a bigger part of his family’s life than he ever dreamed was possible. His dream turned reality will give him the opportunity to give others second chances in their lives too. A warehouse manager, five childhood friends, and a former superstar pitcher embark on a journey with their coaches and teammates to turn a failing minor league franchise into a playoff contender. They’ll dig deep inside themselves to bring their very best to the top. It’ll be difficult and a hard-headed young star in the making and meddlesome pizza mogul keeping a watchful eye on them won’t make things any easier. Laughs will be shared, tears will be shed and life lessons will be learned along the way. It’ll be a memorable season both on and off the field as Bernie asks, “Dad, wanna be our manager?”
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Category : Books
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