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Title : Mystery Fiction Meets Erotica
Category : Books
Caboose By Jeremy M. Donger ISBN: 978-1539114581 Music producer Mr. Hilton is looking for a location to film a client's next video. From a friend Mr. Hilton meets Mrs. Eloisa Parker, wife of business tycoon and casino owner in Vegas, Mr. Prentice Parker. Mrs. Parker is hot in the sack and her love for her husband has faded away for Professor Thomson, her new love. Mrs. Parker is desperate for a divorce and her husband will hear none of the such. Before Mr. Hilton seals the deal on renting the location, he witnesses Mrs. Parker brutally shot down from an unsuspecting sniper. Fleeing for his life and alerting the authorities, the body and evidence has been moved leaving Mr. Hilton to finding the killer, not for the grace of Mrs. Parker, for his own sake.
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Category : Books
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