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Title : Shiny Hats or Rugged Cross?
Category : Books
Shiny Hats or Rugged Cross? tenders you through blissful childhood, racial acclimation, troubled teen-hood, drug-addicted adulthood, enviable fairytale romance, spirit-killing divorce. Witness complicated political and religious ideals simplify in Biblical and U.S. Constitutional harmony. Journey from red-brick northern buildings, Roanoke Island tranquility, California migration, scorching Arizona, then catapult to Georgia’s Peach-State charm while accompanying troubled youth, George Medeiros, unintentionally destined to become a spiritually harmonized man, G. Zeineldé Jordan, Se. Christian-bashing atheist activist “Jordan” becomes Christian after reexamining details of the Resurrection of Christ. He remained politically Libertarian despite religious bigots’ disgruntlement with his unending love for U. S. constitutional liberty.
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