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Title : The DL Diaries
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This book belongs to Cole Growing up in a small town I never had much of a voice. People looked passed me just because of who I was, well except for men, the curious or secretly gay ones. Where I came from that was all you could find, sadly they all ended up married. Kind of makes you think right? I left that town once I finished high school. Nothing but excitement, ready for what a big city had in store for me. Yes I made some great friends, had some amazing times, yet the men were still the same curious undercover gay. With every man I tried harder to understand what it was that would draw them to me. My brother and cousin had the same type of luck, which we called the curse. Curious/bi undercover men wanted us and they had to have us and here I felt it was only happening in small towns. Moving to Portland I always assumed I'd meet someone, a man that actually was open and okay with being gay. Yet here I was again finding all of these undercover men, but now the game advances into something more. I find where ever I lived even moving to New York City these men always found me, all these curious, bi, down low men. ​People always questioned me, people always talked about me, so here it is. This is my diary of all the down low or curious men that have come into my life. I share my world with you all. Maybe tomorrow it will be different, but for now here's my story of my life with men on the down low......
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