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Title : The Imperfect Portrait
Category : Books
"The Imperfect Portrait" aims to address the vanities of humanity and the reality of Christianity from the perspective of a flawed Christian. He takes on the personas of Two Dope and Brother Humbled throughout the book. These two characters symbolize two extremes of opposing virtues that each person is capable of possessing. Pride vs. Humility. Human nature vs. God's sovereignty. Throughout these 12 poems, the human condition is put on display in a transparent, vulnerable manner. Topics of broken relationships, lustful intentions, self-righteousness and identity is discussed in detail as the book progresses. The reader may discover an underlying storyline through the braggadocios nature of Two Dope and the servanthood of Brother Humbled. Essentially, this book concludes with the idea that being a struggling Christian does not deem you any less worthy of grace and redemption. Rather, an imperfect human being is a fractured reflection of the One who is perfect.
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