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Title : Critical Thinking?
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Business organizations are in constant and accelerating crisis. This fact is so obvious that we stopped being aware of it in its entirety and we focus our attention on particular areas instead, trying to address them in isolation. What’s more, when addressing big issues affecting business, we seek solutions and – which is even worse- perspective within the business domain itself: we turn to managers, consultants and academics specializing in various aspects of business. This myopic mentality has found its way to the larger domain of economics and politics which are being run as businesses, further reinforcing the prevailing crisis. Our premise is simple: to solve our problems or to trigger positive change we need to look outside of the business domain, even outside of the modern mentality that gave birth to business in the first place, go beyond ephemeral theories, reach back to the fundamentals, draw on timeless wisdom and find ways to apply them in the current setting. The alternative is to simply continue our course. We attempt to present the principles or perspectives from the Primordial Tradition directly or through the greatest personalities in history who successfully connected these principles to practical areas of life, including decision making, communication and behavior in governance, military, diplomacy or commerce. Drawing on the works of such personalities, we attempt to bring various aspects of these principles closer to people who want to act authentically and fairly, according to the Truth: the only condition to trigger necessary change. Looking at the publicly available reading lists of top managers, this perspective is missing. Of course: even if top managers were reading or studying the greatest philosophers, or better yet, the doctrines of primordial traditions, chances are high that instead of adjusting their views to the principles presented in these books, they would simply interpret them according to their current mentality – an attitude that’s partially responsible for our problems. This book shows you why we can’t expect critical thinking in irrational environments, why all managers and career people are corrupt and what influence weltanschauung has on thinking and behavior; it discloses dogmas that even the most progressive business thinkers fail to challenge and offers a surprising perspective for the potential top 5%. At the risk of giving too much away: for real change to happen the potential 5% must actualize their potential.
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