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Title : The Beast
Category : Paintings
Bold Beauty To see the world through one’s eyes is one thing, but to look through another person’s eyes is truly something unexplainable. This exhibition invites you, the viewer, into my world. Each painting uses color expressively, yet a variety of different strategies are used. Color is used symbolically within in an organic painting style. The paintings create a visual portal allowing the viewer to enter into the world that the painting has created. In this world, the viewer's brain is ignited by the use of color, color combinations, color schemes and color interactions. The work invites the viewer to lose themselves in a purely visual and aesthetic experience. By allowing myself to get lost in the The Beast, for instance, it reminds me of a wave or a curl that reflects the sense of motion throughout the entire painting. I can see an area where it appears as if there is a heart and intestine linked together. This reminds me of the human biology. Another area reminds me of an instrument, like the saxophone that my older brother and father used to play. Some of the other details remind me of frost like you would see on the window from a winter’s night. Another fragment reminds me of a petal from my favorite flower - a wild tiger lily. There are many areas within each detail of these paintings that I can relate to. Why is it that some individuals are attracted to such specific colors, or so many colors within a composition itself? I believe that color stimulates the human mind. Colors cause us to try to understand or interpret what is really going on. Why are there so many colors? The idea I am trying to provide is that it is really up to the viewer. Although within every composition the artist has their own views, it is always interesting to see what others see. This is because another person may see something within the art that they have not seen and may have overlooked. Every person can relate to a different fragment or piece of the painting or the entire painting in a unique way. Their favorite parts can reveal something about them as a person, such as revealing to them either a memory or a deep thought guiding them to inspiration. People viewing these paintings may even be drawn to their favorite colors within the composition itself. I hope that you will allow yourself the experience of becoming lost in these paintings.
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