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Title : DEJA VU
Category : Books
'DEJA VU' opens with a 'Prologue'- Poor Stephanie regains consciousness, to find herself locked in a shipping container, buried underground. She has been kidnapped and being held for ransom. Over the distressing days that follow, she looks back on the prior six weeks. Chapter one sees the Donnelly trio standing outside their large, Dublin suburban home. They have just returned from Phoenix Az. and still cannot get over the surprise of having won €6,000,000 on a lottery ticket that Mervyn bought at the airport. They discover that their house has been taken over by squatters. Worse still... the squatters are 'tinkers' (Irish itinerants). This inconvenience is eventually resolved but more problems ensue. Bugging, being followed, involvement in a double murder, threats from the mafia and common scams, making life very unharmonious for Stephanie, but good exercise in page turning for the reader. The story circles around Stephanie, Mervyn and his daughter Brittany, but also introduces the Bútas. They live in the second floor flat of the house next door. Their problem is that their daughter gets kidnapped. Brock Richmond turns up, he is Stephanie's ex-lover who you met in Repossession. He's a wanted felon in the USA, owing a vast amount of money, having scammed and swindled unsuspecting people. He made his way to New Jersey to stay with his pal Mario where he discovers Mario is in deep trouble with the NY mafia. Brock barely escapes with his life and a new identity.Where does he go Ireland of course. He meets up with Penelope, a lovely lady but not great judgement in men. You will love the antics of Billy and Síle, the 'tinker' squatters, who have no regard for anyone’s property. After they leave the Donnellys, they provide the reader with hilarious pages of how they 'accidentally' devastate a seven million euro mansion. Rupert Bramford Lavelle and his wife Caroline own the mansion - he is a very sought after high court solicitor and they are not at all impressed when they return and find Síle in the guest bedroom. Pandemonium breaks out. The story is set in and around Dublin city and suburbs, with mentions of other counties and towns in detail, when visited by various characters in the book
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