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Title : My Life as a Banker: A Life worth Living
Category : Books
Winner of Best Bio/Memoir 2nd place in Metamorph Publishing Summer Indie Book Awards 2016, My Life as a Banker: A Life Worth Living by Brenda Mohammed is more than just a fascinating Memoir. Because it is about A Life Worth Living. Brenda proved that hard work and determination pay, as she moved up the ranks, and received several promotions, leading up to senior managerial status. Read about Brenda's first mega trip abroad to New York, Canada, London, Germany, and Holland, as well as other fabulous vacations she enjoyed. How and where she met her husband and other wonderful family memories will interest readers. Brenda describes changes in the banking system and changes in the bank's attitude to its employees throughout her working years in a Trinidad bank with ties to the United Kingdom. Life is not always perfect and there were sad moments that will tug at your heart. Read how the power of prayer worked in Brenda's life. A reviewer wrote: Must Read! Don't let the title with the word 'banker' in it fool you into believing this book is for finance professionals only. It is actually the true and inspiring story of one woman's immense faith and family that help shape her into the powerful, yet humble woman she would become.
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Category : Books
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