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Title : The Press Release_Unveiling the Book, "Maya: Initiate 39"
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“Maya: Initiate 39” A Tale of Struggle and Triumph of Maya By Chimezie Ihekuna Author: Mr. Ben The book, “Maya: Initiate 39” was officially released on February 26, 2015 by Linkville Press, situated in Klamath Falls, Oregon USA. It links children fiction to adult fiction in terms of family issues in a way that keeps readers glued to the pages. It also combines historical and crime fiction. The story explores the plight of Maya taking a journey through ---coming from a broken home since her mother left, ending up with the dreaded juvenile cult, the Alternative Lifestyle Club, popularly known as the ALC, and then growing up into a standup woman. What happened between the period when Maya was under the watchful eyes of a broken home and when she became a standup woman? “…Growing up with only her father raising her she was easy to brainwash into thinking she what she was being trained to do was for her and finding her destiny. After doing many things she would regret she realized that what she was doing was wrong and wanted to make a change.” Ella. Though its kindle Google play and audio versions are still in progress, “Maya: Initiate 39” can be purchased on Amazon (paperpack and Kindle), Barnes and Noble, and Baker and Taylor. More sales outlets will be added in the nearest future. The cover art was designed by Andrea Dorris; it was edited by Kathy Ree and formatted by Riley Guyer. Mr. Ben is an indie author who has published several books as Winds of Change, Life’s Twists, Life In Space, The Blueprint, AMY.W.COM and The Limitation of Man’s Love, The Greatness of God’s Love with EBG247 (, an online self-publishing platform, based in Texas, USA. Anticipating then release of his second book at Linkville Press, “The World We Live In”, a collection of short stories, Mr. Ben is currently working on two books-Chloe’s Parallel Worlds and Claire’s Time Travel for Change. He is a contributor to Believer Life Magazine, a popular digital Christian magazine. Specially called a G.A.N.G writer, Mr. Ben’s works tends to one thing: Generally Appreciating Notable Genres For more information and inquiries, contact Mr. Ben Baker & Taylor, Inc. It will be available on Linkville’s website soonest ( Amazon Link (Paperpack):… Amazon (Kindle): On Barnes and Noble:
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