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Title : Jesus The Holy Teacher
Category : Books
It is a well-known fact that the holy prophets were sent to different nations to guide the people towards salvation. And for this purpose they were also given miracles so that they can prove their genuineness to the laity. But the problem arises when people forget the teachings of the holy ones and, instead, start worshipping the prophets and their miracles. They forget that by acting thus they are not going to attain salvation but would only ruin their everlasting next life to come. It is only by following and practicing the teachings of their beloved prophet would they be able to attain salvation and, thereby, become inheritors of the bountifulness of the Almighty God in the Hereafter. So, here an attempt is made to collect the best of teachings of the historical Jesus that could act as our guide and benefit us greatly when practiced diligently. Also included are the selections of his stories, parables, sayings and prayers compiled from authentic sources.
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