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Title : New Avalon: The Return of King Arthur
Category : Books
The Once and Future King returns in this modern day young adult action and adventure novel. If you are familiar with the legends and have seen the excellent movie "Excalibur," then this is the sequel to those events. Sixteen year-old Brian Braddock is having visions of a time long lost, a time and place that he feels somehow strangely connected to. As he strives to figure out what is happening to him he meets a man who reveals himself to be the legendary sorcerer Merlin, he who was the mentor and advisor to one of the greatest leaders the world has ever known. Merlin informs Brian that he is the vessel of the renowned King Arthur and that it is time for the Once and Future King to live once again. As the sword in the stone appears in front of the United Nations Building signaling a new era, an adventure begins where Brian, Merlin and the regrouped Knights of the Round Table set forth to bring about the peaceful and harmonious world that Arthur had always envisioned. However, an evil long thought lost has returned from Arthur’s past to attempt to thwart his plans. Arthur and his knights now live once again to fight once more not just for the peace of a nation, but for the peace of a world.
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