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Title : Sophie's Choice
Category : Books
Who says love can’t last forever? Sophie Morrison is a girl with a big heart and even bigger ambitions. She never lets anyone get away with making her feel she has something to prove. Sophie is hard on herself and everyone else, and she isn’t prepared to let just anyone in her life unless they are equally prepared to fight for her. Cameron is in love, but the object of his desire doesn’t know it. He tries to play it cool. With a little of his Taylor charm, he thinks he’s got her where he wants her, but Sophie isn’t so easy to handle, and he knows it. So, when Cameron lets her down, she cuts him off, without a second thought and leaves him stunned and kicking himself, because if anyone should know Sophie Morrison, it should be him. After all, her qualities are what made him fall for her in the first place. He’s going to use all his charm and determination to get the results he wants, and nothing less than Sophie will do. It’s taken more years than Cameron wants to think about to get Sophie where he wants her. Can he turn her loathe into like and hate into love?
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