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Title : Legacy of Serenity Point
Category : Books
Best friends, a lighthouse on the beach, a ghost seeking peace, and newly found love make the perfect ingredients for a light romance novel. In an effort to forget being abandoned by her college sweetheart, Sally Woodson planned to spend the summer of 1995 nursing her broken heart at her grandmother’s home located along the South Carolina coast. Instead she winds up taking summer classes at nearby College of Charleston with her best friend Missy Anderson and spending time with a new romantic interest, Chase Bradley. Using Sally’s ancestors as a project for history class, she and Missy discover that the ghost of her great-great-great-great grandmother, Elizabeth Anne, still roams about the family home and the nearby lighthouse waiting on Samuel, her lost love, to return from the sea. Stories related by her grandmother and a diary found in an old trunk shed light on the events of 1854 before the tragic endings of the star-crossed couple. Can love transcend the barriers of time and space? Will Samuel ever be able to return from the unknown to reunite with Elizabeth Anne in spirit? Is love worth the waiting and the heartache? Are we truly destined to find the person that makes us feel complete? Sally believes there is a lesson to learn from Elizabeth Anne before she can realize where her own true love lies, and within the answers to all of these questions, she finds the true Legacy of Serenity Point.
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Category : Books
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