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Ingredients how to make fish balls : 1 chicken eggs, taken white 300gr fillet of fish type fish adjust your taste ½ tsp Sasa 100cc ice water ½ tsp salt 1 spring onion, finely sliced 60 g tepung kanji Ingredients of meatball sauce : ¼ tsp pepper powder 1 tbsp salt 1 ½ l water 1 celery stalk Complementary ingredients of fish meatballs : Garlic goring Sambal How to make fish balls : I, milled fine fish mix egg white & Sasa After that pour the ice water slowly into the dough & stir evenly. You can use mixer mixer flat dough. Add starch to batter & leaves onion. Stirred mixed & dull. If it is dull, you make a ball sphere of size as you see fit. The difficulty of forming a perfect ball sphere, you can use 2 tablespoons to make perfect shape. If it is, put on ice water. After that boiled boiling water. Dough meatballs are soaked & soaked in ice water you input on boiling water. Wait for meatball dough to float, lift & drain. How to make strong fish meatballs & presentation : Step I boil the broth with salt, pepper, & celery boil. After that prepare the bowl. Enter the meatball so & pour the meatball sauce into the bowl. You can sprinkle fried onions if you like & sauce. Meatball ready for serving. If you do not like fried onions / chili sauce, you can eliminate both ingredients. Fish used to make any you can replace your favorite fish & family. How to make fish balls is not troublesome is not it? so, you can try to practice it at home In addition you can get the desired taste. Meatball fish that you make even hygienic & healthy for your family
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