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Main ingredients : 1/2 kg chicken breast 7 cloves of garlic 4 cloves of red onion Small chilli 1 large chilli Turmeric powder 1 segment Kencur 1 segang Galang, digeprek 2 stalks of lemongrass 4 orange leaves 2 bay leaves 50 ml coconut milk thick coconut milk 1 tsp of shrimp paste 1 tbsp brown sugar Salt Sasa Way : Chicken washed first, boiled using yellow spice. Boil chicken with low heat 30 minutes ripe Lift & let cool, chicken disuwir Puree garlic, onion, small chili, chili big, kencur, turmeric add shrimp paste & brown sugar sauteed seasoning smoothed do not forget to give oil Sauté & stir again flat, enter the digeprek galang, lemongrass, leaves oranges, bay leaves stir back & enter suwiran chicken. Add salt & Sasa Stir again flat. Pour thick coconut milk cooked perfumed marinade.
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