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Main ingredients & Condiments : 350 g beef, finely ground 50 g of sago flour 100 cc ice water 1 egg 10 fried tofu, mischievous, little toreh Blend : 4 cloves of garlic ½ tsp pepper 3 tsp salt WAY BAKSO MALANG : Mix the beef, sago flour, finely spiced, egg & ice water. Mix well Set aside 1/3 of the dough for the tofu stuffing. Boil plenty of water, reduce the water flame does not turbulent Make a circle of meatballs by clenching the dough in 1 hand dough out between thumb and forefinger, release with the help of a spoon. Enter the sphere of meatballs to the water stew variation for the sphere of meatballs 2 kinds of size, large & small Cook back with a small fire floating, lift, drain. 1/3 dough meatballs are set aside enter to know steamed Lift & Drain. RESEP KUAH BAKSO MALANG Material : 2 l water 600 g of cow knee / bone of cow Blend : 6 cloves of garlic ½ tsp pepper 3 tsp salt HOW TO MAKE KINAH BAKSO MALANG : Boil water, seasoning, & beef bones, cook to simmer. Sprinkle the onions, lift. COMPLEMENTARY OF BAKSO MALANG: Material : 10 pieces of dumpling skin, frying 150 g of wet yellow noodles Fried onions for sprinkling Boiled Sambal HOW TO PRESENT : Prepare a serving bowl, place noodles, meatballs & tofu pour sauce meatballs & sprinkle fried onions. Serve with fried dumplings & boiled sambal.
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