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Main ingredients : 300 g of skinless squid cut to taste 3 tablespoons tauco 250 g mushroom, boiled, cut into matches ½ cup goring oil Seasoning : 5 onion grains 2 cloves of garlic 8 red chillies without seeds 5 candlenuts 2 tablespoons margarine 1 segment galangal, dimemarkan 1 segment of ginger, dimemarkan 1 kaffir lime leaves Sugar ½ pack of Sasa Way : Squid fried Do not fry for 6 minutes Puree onion, garlic, red chili & candlenut liquid margarine hot Saute the spices in it fragrant enter lemongrass, galangal, ginger & lime leaves purut Stir the fragrant Enter tauco Allow 3 minutes Add the sugar Stir dissolved sugar Enter the squid & ear mushrooms Add water Let the state covered by a small fire squid cushion & water half Apply sasa, leave stirred, then remove
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