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This story combines facts, a little fantasy, lots of heart, and some humor. Rufus is a little dog on a big mission. After overhearing a discussion about the endangered species list on TV, Rufus sets out on assignment as a traveling reporter at large to interview endangered animals and to find out how he can help them. Upon arrival in Africa, Rufus encounters Peace Hippo who becomes his traveling companion. The unlikely pair travel to China to meet a panda and to India to meet a tiger. Then, upon their return to Africa, Rufus learns how the Massai are using their tracking skills to protect lions and how bees are helping elephants behave in Africa. And, finally, his wish to meet a rhino is fulfilled. Rufus learns the challenges facing these animals today as each one tells their personal story. Here are some of the things Rufus learns on his journey: ––A hippopotamus is graceful underwater and can remain completely submerged for five to six minutes at a time! ––As cute as they are, even pandas can have dating problems! ––Tigers could probably care less about apologies! ––Lions have family pride! ––Beehives help elephants behave in Africa! ––Rhinos deserve more compliments! "PEACE HIPPO! and Other ENDANGERED ANIMALS Too!" is a story with an important message for everyone. The animals' stories, colorful photographs and charming illustrations, will engage readers of all ages. Available at Amazon.
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