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Title : Into The Heavens
Category : Books
Allan, a young boy, and Pheran, a ghost-like spirit must travel within the many worlds of Heaven, the treacherous realms of Purgatory and the Fiery Flames as they try to acquire The Heart of Heaven for Allan to return to the human world. They will encounter a varied amount of dangerous 'beings' while in their adventure. It will test 'who they are' and of 'what they will become' after their journey in finding hope by overcoming the most perilous obstacles they will ever face. The young boy will see imminent dangers and must prevail through it all to return home and back to the loving arms of his mother and father. Into the heavens will test their expressed hope and their most precious belief in strengthening their infinite faith in conquering the fundamental obstacles. They must face it alone and naturally rise above the many worlds and the dauntless spirits within the Heavens, Purgatory, and the Fiery Flames.
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