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Title : The Lost of Love
Category : Books
When a 14-years old Prem Loss his father the cloud of immense crisis Brock down on him. A cruel king and his soldiers took his mother into palace to justice for moneylender murder but the king's destination goes revolved and he thinks to make her own slave of his lust. When young Prem comes in the palace, fights with many soldiers and kills alone more than 40 soldiers. Successfully escaped with mother into the palace. King who'd proud own large army power, couldn't anything rather he loses own leg. Then Prem takes an oath to cut that king's head and after three years he fulfilled his oath. when he becomes 21, enrolled own name to join army, goes away from mother for training. where he meets Shyamal, his best friend and his Love Rajnandini who were spending a mysterious life.He meets her in very mysterious way, falls in her love at first sight. and A fight happens amid Shyamal and Prem for very beautiful girl Rajnandini.
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