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Title : Zeeka's Child
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Zeeka's Child is the second episode of the five-book science fiction series Revenge of Zeeka. The book, which can be read as a standalone evolves into a more complicated plot. Janet is pregnant. Who is the father? In Book 1 it was assumed that Zeeka was a scientist. The police are searching for Dr. Jason Stephens, but are they chasing the wrong suspect? Quirky Detective Jack Wildy and his counterpart Jerry Cole join the investigation into the criminal act at the carnival celebrations. Can they deal with serious criminal issues like kidnapping, threatened suicide, killer zombies, and arson? Who would want to kidnap Janet, and why? Who will reveal Zeeka's secrets and identity? Who is the mystery Master Zeeka and who is Zeeka's child? Review "The second book answers many questions the first book left us with, but it also poses many new questions. That's why I am already looking forward to reading the third book. I read this book in one sitting since it's difficult to put down once one starts to read it. The story itself is quite complex for such a short book. There are not many authors who can say so much without wasting a single word. Brenda Mohammed excels in this respect." [Amazon Reviewer]."
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