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Title : Budapest Art Camps
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Discover Budapest through an artist's eye! Budapest Art Camps offer week long art courses in August 2015 to internationals wanting to experience Budapest and Hungary is a unique way. The Budapest Cityscape workshop is a one week long programme focusing on the connection between painting and the city. You will tour the city, discover hidden sites and magnificent views, paint outside and within the studio, reworking your impressions of the city into your own subjective artworks. The Budapest Meme-nto course is an animation workshop where participants will make photograph based moving images, gifs, memes using our beautiful city Budapest as an exciting backdrop. Material for the pictures will also shot in the famous "Memento Sculpture Park". This unique site features a collection of historical sculpture in the socialist realist style. We will discuss the social, historical context of these sculptures and the conceptual framework that enables us to deal with such heavy material as well as reflecting on the viral nature of memes and how discover situations that spark memorable ones. Come and join in in Budapest for an unforgettable experience!
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Address : 53. Bartók Béla út 1114 Budapest, Hungary
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