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Title : Chasing Black Ice
Category : Books
Chasing Black Ice is the first book in the four book "Boom!!...Killers." series. It is a comedic, action thriller that is dialogue driven and filled with laughs, political conspiracy and a lot of killing. Two government assassins, Kinley Devereaux and Harper Rowe, botch a sting operation that is set up to catch the world's most notorious thief, Black Ice. Under very suspicious circumstances, the two assassins are sent to Mexico City to find the thief and retrieve the item she stole during the sting operation. Teaming up with orphaned DEA Agent Laurie Chase, the trio of government agents track Black Ice through the streets of Mexico City. The deeper they get into the operation, Kinley, Harper, and Laurie come to realize that they are merely pawns in a much larger political conspiracy. As the body count rises the three eventually have to make the impossible decision of choosing between their own principles and the country they serve. A true page turner, Chasing Black Ice will keep you guessing until the penultimate page.
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Category : Books
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