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Title : Chasing Redemption
Category : Books
Chasing Redemption is the final book in the "Boom!!...Killers." tetralogy. It is a comedic, action thriller that is dialogue driven and filled with laughs, redemption, and a lot of killing. Home. Home again. Kinley Devereaux, Harper Rowe, and Laurie Chase return to the United States with one shot at clearing their names. A U.S. Senator has documents, recordings, and sworn testimony that will clear the trio of any wrongdoing in a murder that took place 18 months ago. The only catch is that the senator's daughter has been kidnapped, and she needs the three of them to get her back. Filled with double-crosses, plot twists, and unforeseen ending that will leave readers sorry to see the series end, Chasing Redemption delivers everything that anyone could ask for in a series finale.
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A masterfully written, ultra-realistic courtroom drama
Category : Books
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