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Title : Crummock Valley 10/7/14
Category : Paintings
Plein air sketch just finished, 10/7/14. Cezanne made several paintings of the Mont St. Victoire. I seem to like to return to this view of the Crummock valley from a farm gate in a little place called Foulsyke. I remember doing my first one in the late 90's, then another 2 within a few days of each other in 2003, and another one after that. When I sat down by the hedge to start this one, the sun was beating down strongly, and at such a moment I think I understand something Monet said - "All my life, I've been engaged in a battle with the sun" It can bounce off the white canvas & dazzle you, or at another angle it will light up the canvas from behind, which is also a bit awkward. But it was a good day for an oil sketch! As I squeezed out my first colours, a tractor roared up to the gate. The farmer opened it & drove in "I hope I'm ok to sit here!" I said "Not my field!" said he. "No, your ok! I'll just skim your bit. It'll be hot sitting there!" He was right - for this lovely view, I face the sun and the hawthorn hedge at my back offered no shade. The farmer went on & cut the field,(as the photo shows) but kindly left me my thistley patch. About 3 hours later, I had my oil sketch.
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