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Title : A New Dawn in Deer Isle
Category : Books
Every once in a while we read a book that profoundly affects the way we perceive our lives. A NEW DAWN IN DEER ISLE is one of those rare books. A common man of modest means, world-weary George McLast decides to forget all his problems and take the trip he and his wife had only dreamed about before she passed away three years earlier. Despite all the unnerving feelings he’s been getting in his chest, his son’s disapproval, and his precarious financial situation, he sets out across America following the same route John Steinbeck took in 1959 with his pet poodle Charley. And just as the legendary author wanted to do back then, George hopes to reacquaint himself with his country and its people. But everything doesn’t work out as planned. Along the way George encounters far more than he bargained for, and so will readers.
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