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Title : The Molecular Slaves
Category : Books
"THE MOLECULAR SLAVES" is a work of fiction and is a philosophical satire. It is a quizzical look at life and existence and a philosophical satire WITH A FEW UNEXPECTED AND HILARIOUSLY FUNNY CONCLUSIONS AND INFERENCES It is a laugh riot most of the way except in the end when it becomes philosophical and spiritual. EDITORIAL REVIEW OF "THE MOLECULAR SLAVES" BY Australian authoress Ms Tabitha Ormiston-Smith Delightfully thought-provoking By T. Ormiston-smith on October 2, 2015 Format: Paperback With all the independent books that I review, a book of philosophy is indeed a rare pleasure. Eschewing the dry, Germanic approach of today's metaphysicians, The Molecular Slaves, with its playfully lyrical style, harks joyfully back to the approach of philosophers of yore. Although taken as a work of metaphysics, the work lacks the rigour we expect, taken as an introduction to metaphysical thought it is a pure delight. Starting with a startlingly idiosyncratic presentation of the world of phenomena, we are led, skipping and dancing, along a star-sprinkled path into mysticism. I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed ever step along the way. Vasudevan has a pleasant, light, engaging style that captivates the reader from the first page. There are some small infelicities of language that a rigorous edit could have smoothed out, but this does not interfere with the reader's enjoyment. A delightful read!
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