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Title : Torn Apart Book One
Category : Books
The realm of Shanaledge is a beautiful and wondrous place where every citizen helps one another, working hard during the day and partying in the streets at night. No one here knew nor understood the meaning of corruption or greed. The people here were all born with telepathy, but some had more abilities than others. Everyone had great trust for each other, including their king. Many of the inhabitants felt their leader was a fair, just, and kind man, until one day a man from the outside decided to join the kings guard, ultimately killing the king and changing the realm into a corrupt wasteland. The citizens now live in poverty; having to barter, steal, and participate in many criminal activities that had never been seen in Shanaledge before. This man that destroyed this once peaceful land has one more task he must complete in order to gain back his abilities that the king took away from him. This task will also allow him to become more powerful and deadly. He must acquire a girl named Sarai, but she is only useful after she turns 21. Sarai is a a 20 year-old girl who's birthday is quickly approaching in the next three months. She feels that she is a screw up because her telepathy and nightmares always get in the way of her trying to do something with her life. Sarai has only entrusted her secrets with her best friend, Ruth. Suddenly, a mysterious man pops into her life, named Rory, who renders her abilities useless, which strikes intrigue yet frightens her. There is only one other person she has met that had this effect on her, Asher. But she always tried to keep her distance from him. Soon, Sarai must embark on a mission to dethrone the usurper, Silas. Can she gain control of her abilities in time to save Shanaledge? Is it possible to find allies in those who have betrayed her before?
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Category : Books
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