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Title : Pretentious
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Danny promised his dying father he would take care of the family, but a promise looks much different when someone is twelve than it does at sixteen. When his sister leaves for college, he realizes he’s trapped in his father’s dream. He runs the family restaurant with his mother and tucks his own dreams away, until he falls in love with Aryn, a girl in his chorus class.  Volume 1 – Alfredo’s - Aryn shares Danny’s interest and applies at the restaurant so she can be near him. Danny manages to arrange enough time for a date and romance blossoms - until Aryn finds Danny with another girl he swears is just a friend.  Volume 2 – Summer Shade – Aryn is forced to take business trips with her dad, leaving her sitting alone in hotel rooms all summer, and Danny covering her shifts. As the summer draws to an end she meets a man from Sound Bytes, the largest label in the music industry.  Volume 3 – The Battle - Aryn has returned from her summer vacation and Pretentious is practicing for Battle of the Bands. Danny is considering moving their relationship forward, but Aryn has a secret. Will Danny find out what it is?  Volume 4 – Murphy’s - Heartbroken, Danny and Aryn deal with a bad break-up, and her father's resistance to Aryn pursuing a future with Danny.  Volume 5 - Expectations - Graduation has passed, and Danny and Aryn are married. But Kevin’s in town and he has his eye on Aryn, while Carly is pursuing Danny. Can their relationship withstand the attacks? Volume 6 -  New characters debut, as the band moves forward with producing their demo, getting a photo-shoot done and looking for gigs. They find help in places they never expected. Meanwhile, Aryn's father visits Alfredo's. In volume 7, The demo is finished and the band is moving forward. They perform at a club called Night Lights, where they meet The Sand Sharks, Katie's favorite band, The Sand Sharks former keyboard player takes them under wing, and catapults them toward their goals. Katie crushes on Johnny, the electric guitarist for the Sand Sharks.Friendship blossoms. Can Katie turn it into something more? In volume 8, Ashley's invited her uncle to the graduation party Pretentious is going to play for. What the band doesn't know, Lance is the CEO for Sound Bytes Productions. Will the band take a contract, or wait for another opportunity to avoid Kevin? Pretentious is a series of YA/NA novellas that follow Danny and Aryn in their attempt to create a band and follow their dreams, while honoring Danny’s commitment to take care of his mother, a nurturing Italian woman everyone calls Mama, and his sister, Becky. It’s a story about family, commitment, love and the confusion of betrayal.  Read it free on kindle unlimited and prime, or purchase your copy
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