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Title : Walk-In Investigations: A Paranormal Detective Mystery
Category : Books
Walk-In Investigation: A Paranormal Detective Mystery is a thought provoking rare fusion of detective mystery and the spirit world, thrusting readers into a parallel universe as a suicide survivor attempts to solve a series of life-changing cold cases. Homicide Detective, Katie Hanson’s life seemed to be moving in a positive direction for the first time since her twin brother’s death when she was ten and her mother’s suicide just two years later. Standing in the church some 20 years later, waiting for the wedding march, Katie recalls her parent’s undying love and questions if her fiancé is her soul mate. In a panic, she bolts from the church. She returns to her condo and overwhelmed with despair; she commits suicide. The paramedics revive her, but crossing over opened a gateway to the spirit world. Katie begins to receive messages from dead when she returns home from the hospital. As she learns to navigate the waters of being a medium, she finds that she is also able to see through dimensions and receives unexpected help on her current case from her parallel counterpart who she calls P-Kate. Working closely with P-Kate and the spirits of the deceased victims, Katie investigates the department’s cold cases. As her case unfolds, Katie realizes that a deceased witness’s testimony can be just as flawed as the living. Nothing is as it seems. The victim’s testimony does not match the evidence. Will following the guidance of her parallel double lead her to the truth or cause her to arrest an innocent man?
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