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Title : Lullaby of the Dead: Every Ghost Has a Story
Category : Books
Are you willing to entertain a different vision of the afterlife? Landry Sinclair has a story to tell—listen carefully. I played the professional career woman. Beneath the façade, I was lonely and ashamed. My plans for upward mobility were squashed when I fell into the hands of a ruthless serial killer. I became entangled in his rich web of heinous acts. After he slipped a date-rape drug in my drink, then brutally tortured me, I awakened to an inescapable nightmarish realm on the wrong side of the mirror. And I was not alone. Will I be forced to idle here for an eternity, peering through the mirror into my former world, helplessly watching as a homicidal monster butchers woman after woman? We watch life through windows, mirrors, and doors—pay attention. I know because I sing the opus of the dead. BONUS MATERIALS: Hidden Button Gift Card Giveaway
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