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Title : A Witch her Cat and The Ship Wreckers.
Category : Books
Agnes is a 300 year old witch who lives in the present day Scarborough a small town on the Yorkshire Coast who travels through time via a bricked up doorway of her ancient home she shares with Marmaduke, her one-eyed cat. When Agnes passes through the doorway she passes through time. When Marmaduke passes through he changes into a one-eyed six-foot ginger haired mercenary and Agnes's right-hand man. In the exciting story of adventure, mystery and magic set among the towns, highways and coastal areas of North Yorkshire in both the 18th and 21st centuries the duo discover a team of ship wreckers working along the coast. In their attempts to uncover the identity of the wreckers the duo become embroiled with a series of strange and dangerous characters. Colonel Thomas Reynard and his local militia, Dancing Jack, a highwayman who isn't who he pretends to be and a government secret service.
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Illicit Transgressions
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