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Title : The biggest mysteries of the world Apocalypse 2016
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The biggest mysteries of the world Introduction: If you are in our solar system in the vicinity of Mars or have heard sounds coming from the sky, then Bible and this material is very urgent for you. You may be in a different version - fortunately not all fall down.Explanation in the last pages of the book. Materials contained in this book can, and probably will change entirely your picture of reality. Reality is much different from that, what is shown by the media even called alternate. After reading this book you will understand the basics so that you can create everything. We will discuss the most important mysteries of the world. We will learn about the construction of the world, we discover the secrets of gravity and antigravity, along with many examples. Also all possible sources of energy and the principle of obtaining, collection and transmission. From the knowledge of prior centuries, through the messages of the Bible, the discovery of scientists and visions from science fiction films, we will discover all the possibilities of the modern world and technology to see what life really is, and how may look. If you really are ready to discover the greatest mysteries of this world and you want to understand the reality, find out what is eternal life and how to achieve them, you found the best source with all these answers In a simple, digestible for everyone language. CONTENTS 1) The construction of the world. Construction of flat Earth and the principles on which operates the universe. 2) What is gravity and examples for antigravity solutions. Many examples of antigravity solutions. 3) Teleportation and time travels. Discuss the principles of teleportation and time travel with the most important related risks and what is the time and why it is just an illusion. 4) Electricity. What is electricity and the principle of obtaining voltage. 5) Creating and processing each matter. Gold from garbage? Explanation of the principles of creating each matter. 6) Holography. Optical illusion of the world, that is how works the human eye. 7) War with aliens and secret of the Fallen Angel. Armageddon or Apocalypse ? What it means and when it will happen. 8) Other secrets in brief. E=mc2 explonation, cold fusion, Global warming, longevity, eternal life, levitation, cancer, the genesis of homosexuality, many-worlds theory, Magic.
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