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Title : The border area will be revived, lifting the largest military reservation ever.
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The 336.99 million square meters, which is 116 times the size of Yeouido (29.9 million square meters), have been removed from military bases and military facilities. It was the biggest military facility reservation since the 1.71 billion square meters were removed in 1994. Analysts say that progress in inter-Korean relations, including the inter-Korean summit and the September 19 military agreement, was affected. The main opposition Minjoo Party and the government held a consultative meeting of the ruling party and the ruling party on Monday and announced that they have decided to lift the area in consideration of infringement of the property rights of residents. The area that was removed was one of the restricted zones of military facilities. Restricted zones are defined as zones within 25 kilometers from the Military Demarcation Line (MDL) or within 500 meters of major military facilities. Among the de-release areas, 63 percent are Gangwon Province and 33 percent are Gyeonggi Province. The border areas were mainly covered. Restrictions have also been lifted on Incheon, the West, Seocho-gu, South Chungcheong Province, Cheonan, Daegu and Jindo in South Jeolla Province. In these regions, new buildings or development projects can be built without consultation with the military authorities. In other words, when the area was restricted to a restricted area, the military had to consult with the military for up to 30 days, but this means that the military does not have to go through such procedures in the future. The Ministry of National Defense has also eased the 1,31.7 million square meters of control zone into a restricted zone. These include Incheon's Ganghwa Island, Gimpo and Paju, Gangwon Province, Cheorwon and Goseong, and parts of Jincheon, North Chungcheong Province. It is practically impossible to build a new building within 10 kilometers of the MDL or within 300 meters of major military facilities. Access procedures to civilian controlled areas where activities other than agriculture are restricted will also be simplified. South Korean Government is planning to install RFID (Radio Recognition) automation system at civilian access control center. The system creates an identification card in the form of a card with electronic devices and allows the card to be taken and entered into the civilian control line. The government plans to establish the system at 26 out of 48 immigration offices by 2020, and at the remaining 22 by 2022. The purpose of the move is to ease the inconvenience of each unit's personnel identification procedure. Large-scale deregulation appears to have been affected by radical inter-Korean relations. In the past, only areas that were requested by local governments were discussed for lifting, but this time, regions that could be removed had to be identified in advance by the military in front. "We should consider the situation in which military tensions between the two Koreas are being eased," said Hong Young-pyo, floor leader of the main opposition Minjoo Party. "The area, which is 8 to 10 times larger than the previous one, has been removed this time," a government official said. However, Defense Minister Chung Kyung-doo stressed, "We have proactively and proactively reviewed measures to maintain a military readiness but to coexist with the residents." This remark was made in recognition of concerns that the removal of large-scale military reservation zones could lead to security instability. Residents of the border area, who had a hard time exercising their property rights, such as expansion or expansion, welcomed the move. Some even expressed expectations for 안전놀이터regional development or demanded bolder deregulation. "The local economy will be able to revive," said an official from Hwacheon County, Gangwon Province, where the largest area has been removed. Other concerns were raised about real estate speculation, reckless development and environmental pollution.
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