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Title : Those who exploded in Hannam, then in 2000
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Internet bookstore Yes24's "South Korea" scandal is not fading. The launch was an e-mail sent by Yes 24 to members of the Webzine Channel Yes on Wednesday. In an interview with Choi Tae-seop, a sociologist who authored the new book, Choi Tae-seop, the author of "Korea, Men," the title of his e-mail was given in the first sentence of the article, "How many Korean men can stand up in front of the phrase "How many Koreans and men?" "Hannam" is a slang term referring to a Korean man. The male readers who had received the mail were furious. He started a campaign to withdraw from social networking sites by posting photos of his withdrawal from membership. Yes 24 released an official apology on Wednesday, but the move to withdraw from the team continues. The fire broke into the wrong place. Seo Pil-hoon, the CEO of coffee brand Coffee Reeves, who posted an introduction to "Korea and Men" on his Instagram account on Sunday, also posted an apology on Sunday as a series of critical comments were being posted. In our society, the Gender issue is like a bomb that might explode when. Social issues such as murder cases at Gangnam Station, assaults on Lee Su-ro, illegal malcars, and exposure to Mittu all spread into the frame of "female" and "misunderstanding." Why did this happen? "It is because of frustration and anxiety of the 'species' generation," said Cho Han-hye, an honorary professor at Yonsei University, 카지노사이트who is a cultural anthropologist. He says the 'species' go to elementary, middle, and high school during the IMF financial crisis. They are young people in their mid-20s and mid-30s who started college in the 2000s and thereafter. They spent about 10 years preparing for their careers and jobs, but failed to get full-time jobs, weddings, and homes. Professor Cho Han said, "We are trying to confirm our power by attacking the opposite sex at a time when we feel powerless." Especially compared to women who can say 'work instead of marriage,' men who are not treated as full people feel a greater desire to show their presence somewhere if they are not married. As seen in the "Yes24 scandal," the controversy over hatred often leads to powerful events. Of ‘The Tree of seibieo’ won a game in March, teuwiteosang for sharing writing, feminism and follow into account women's groups in the male game.Attacked from users. Feminism published novel, 82 years is Jiyoung Kim 』 『 sold more than a million copies in the past two years, spending power, such as women is a big ‘yeoyeom’ controversy in the cultural sector to respond quickly to.Didn't want to look bad. Last year, BTS changed the lyrics of "Cyper Part 3" to "Men's Cigarettes, Women's cheating" to "Who Cigarettes, Someone's cheating." Chun Woo-yong, a historian and a research professor at Hanyang University, said, "In the end, jobs are a problem." The fierce competition over the issue has fueled hostility between men and women. He also pointed out the flooding of cultural content, including an entertainment program (MBC's daughter-in-law in Wonderland), in which his mother-in-law calls his daughter-in-law to clean the toilets of his sister-in-law's house. "This gives the younger generation confidence that I am losing money," Jeon said. "There are concerns that it could lead to hate crimes." Experts say the solution is the awakening of the older generation. Professor Cho Han-hye Jeong suggested that the government and society provide the minimum safety net to the younger generation and pay the dividend from the beginning of the year. "Old-generation men, who are suffering from discrimination and hatred against women, should reflect on themselves," said Lee Na-young, a sociology professor at Chung-Ang University.
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