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IngredientsBumbuAyamSuwir: 500 g meat breast portion 100 ml of kaldurebusanayam water 1 sheet of greetings 2 sheets of flour 1 flower, geprek 2 cm galangal, geprek 1/2 bro ½ tsp gulapasir 1 piece of onion is sliced 1 sdmsaustomat 1 sdsairiram 2 to sweetness SpicesAyamSuwir that is ShreddedHalus: 6 grains of red onions 3 cloves on white 2 cm of ginger 3 pieces themselves 2 cm turmeric ½ tolerance Ala sdala time 7 fruits are red in seed not spicy How to Make ChickenSwiralaCollection: Boil the meat, then drain the water. Set aside 100 ml of boiled water for kalayayam water. Heat the oil in the pan, enter the growth of pineapple, sliced ​​onions, mixed with leaves, bay leaves, lemongrass & galangal, tumisadukharum. Enter the juice and spinach, mix well pour the broth water, add the salt & sugar, pour the custard, the sugar & soy sauce, stir well. Cooked & dried vegetables mixed with milk & ayamsuwir served.
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