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Candy material : 100 gr glutinous rice flour 2 tablespoons tapioca flour 3 A pinch of salt 4 Water is cooked Ingredients of brown sugar : 100 grams of brown sugar, a fine comb 300 ml of water A pinch of salt 1 pandan leaves 1 tablespoon dissolved tapioca with 3 tablespoons water Ingredients of coconut milk : 100 ml of water A pinch of salt 1 pandan leaves 1 pack of 65ml kara Way : CANDIL : Mixed into 1 candy ingredient. Pour water, stop can be formed / rolled round the seeds of bark RED SUGAR FRUITS : Boiled red sugar + pandanus leaves boiling stirring. Unless the butokanya solution, set aside After boiling, strain & replace the pot new. Put the candy dough into the sauce red. Wait the candil ripe, if it floats, the sign is mature. Enter the tapioca solution, mix well thicken. Turn off the stove FRUIT SANTAN : Boil the ingredients on medium heat, stir to let the coconut milk not broken. Presentation ; Pour the candil in a bowl / glass, flush the coconut milk. Store in refrigerator cool, fresh for breaking fast, may be served warm.. Back to taste
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