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Ingredients for making cilok : 500 g of aci / starch / tapioca flour 200 g of flour 1/2 tsp pepper powder 1.5 tsp salt 2 cloves of garlic, puree 450 ml of hot water Water to boil the peel Ingredients : 200 g of ground chicken 1 clove of garlic, puree 1/4 tsp salt 1/4 tsp pepper powder Supplements & ingredients : 1 kg of beef ribs, cut & wash clean 4 l water 3 cloves of garlic, puree 5 cm kencur, puree 1 tsp pepper powder 250 g chicken claw, clean the soft boil 10 small size white tofu Fried onions for sprinkles The ingredients of chilli sauce, other chili sauce are as follows : 10 g of dried red cayenne pepper 1 clove of garlic 2 cm kencur 1/4 tsp salt 100 ml of boiled water for a blender How to make Cilok Goang : Tahapan I cooks cilok stuffing; Heat the oil in a sauté pan fragrant white. Add the ground chicken & stir change color, give salt & pepper mix well. How to make cilok pentols ; Add pepper, salt, & finely garlic to the water heat & mix well. Prepare the container, add flour & aci to inside, pour hot spiced water stirred Use a spoon to prevent heat, the mixture is evenly mixed knead with your hands smooth & easy to form Take 1 tablespoon of the mixture, round it flat & pour 1 teaspoon of filling material. Re-do the dough again. Heat the water in the pan, boil the spheres the cilok pentol mixture. Float & cook, remove & drain. Make gravy ; Wash the boiled ribs with 3 l of water & cover the soft pot. Soft & water reduced, add 1 l of water enter the onion fine white, pepper, & salt, mix well. Cook again boiling, then add chicken claw & tofu cook well. Sambal ; Boil dried cayenne pepper & soft garlic. After that, blend / blend with kencur with 100 ml of fine water. Serve cilok goang with gravy and bones, claw & know the ingredients, Serve with chili & sprinkle with fried onions.
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Category : Others
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