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Material A : 750 gr refined sugar 160 gr cocoa powder 1.25 ml of salt 90 gr egg whites 15 ml liquid vanilla Material B : 250 gr chocolate chips 250 grams of baked slice alomond Material C : 750 gr mini marshmallow Way : Preheat oven temperature 180 degree Celcius & prepare * parchment Paper In the container, insert the ingredients A & stir with a flat whisker Enter the material B, mix well. Use 2 tsp to make a small circle because the dough is widened in parchment paper, give enough distance to each other. Add C 4 ingredients in cookies dough Bake 8 minutes, use upper & lower fire / marshmallow color brownish. Remove from the oven, wait for the cold, then move to the cooling rack. Cold insert in airtight container. Note : Baking Parchment Paper is ready-made burning paper Coated vegetable silicone used processed baking sheet Burning in the oven. The advantages of this product are Baking Parchment Paper sheets Used 10 x usage & hygienic due to usage Baking Parchment Paper, not baked butter pan
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