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Title : Al-Ain Garden City Full-Day Sightseeing Tour
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Al-Ain used to be an ordinary emirate until it went through a revolutionary period of being a peaceful place, that is the perfect escape from the city bustle. If you’re planning to go to the United Arab Emirates this year, then one trip that you should definitely need to make is,Al Ain City Tour . To better explain all of the amazing things you can do here in Al-Ain, we are going to talk about the necessary stops you should make while you on your Al-Ain city tour Dubai;

Al-Ain Oasis

To begin your tour, Pick Al-Ain Oasis as your first stop in Al-Ain. It is an amazing heritage site that is counted as UAE’s first UNESCO World Heritage Site. It has been preserved beautifully to become a top attraction for the tourists around the world. Go for a walk between the trees as the fresh cold breeze hits your face while you breathe in the freshening air. To your surprise, Al-Ain Oasis is home to more than 147,000 date palm trees that are randomly scattered throughout the lush green area.

Al-Ain Zoo

For all the animal lovers out there, Imagine if you could see beautiful animals in this refreshing environment. Sounds good, right? Al-Ain Zoo is a well-maintained place where you will find 180 different kinds of animals and a great thing that should be mentioned here is that it is home to around 30 endangered species where they are cared for. It is a matter of few years, in which they will be celebrating their golden anniversary. Go for a tour in this zoo and enjoy the sight of 4,000 animals that include; leopards, monkeys, wolves, tigers and many more species of animals.

Al-Jahili Fort

Welcome to one of the oldest and remarkable landmarks in the boundaries of Al-Ain that has been preserved since 1891. If you go back in history, this fort was built to serve as a protective layer, that also was a headquarters for the Oman Trucial Scouts. The fort has gone through some changes in order to keep it well-maintained. You can roam around freely as a visitor and if you’re lucky enough, you can climb to the top of the historical sites for a better view of the whole place.

Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium

A great sporting venue that goes by the name of Hazza Bin Zayed stadium also resides in this beautiful city of Al-Ain. It is an astonishing architecture that was built in 17 months and can fit in around 25,000 fans at a time. It is a home to mighty Al-Ain FC that have a very prestigious history owing to the total number of titles they have won i.e. 33 titles. Al-Ain FC is the most successful club in the UAE. All in all, Al-Ain city tour is going to be an interesting journey that will let you feel the soul of this country. So, make sure whenever you visit UAE, you have Al-Ain city tour jotted down in your things to do in UAE list.

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