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Title : 6 Ways How Teacher Can Identify a Dyslexic Student in the Classroom
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The FMRI scans show that children with dyslexia interpret writing and reading differently in their brains. They key to teaching these students anything is an early diagnosis and intervention.
The 6 ways through which teachers can identify a dyslexic student early on in the classroom are described here.


1. Firstly it is important to check the student for a reading score and give them some sort of an IQ test.

2. Secondly, it is essential to test the reading capability of the student by giving a test that focuses on the right hemisphere of the brain. By giving them some miss-spelled words to read can solve this problem.

3. Do a TL (Tactile Localization) test that can be performed easily and is specifically designed for the corpus callosum.

4. You can ask them to write a sample essay or a paragraph through dictation. Teachers can check for outlandish spelling mistakes, punctuation issues, and omission of small words that keep a sentence incomplete.

5. The 2nd and 3rd graders with dyslexia can be identified or raise a red flag when they perform poor in school, have really bad report cards, and they can’t match a vowel sound.

6. Poor handwriting, being a late talker, pronunciation problems, and confusing letters such a `b’ and `d’ are also some of the indicators that can help identify a dyslexic student.

Researchers indicate that genetics play a major role in children getting dyslexia. The actual causes are still unknown to experts. These children are prone to developing an unstable emotional state, and they function well during preschool but they start to show signs of frustration once reading and writing is introduced. Dyslexia cannot be cured, but an early diagnosis can help provide the patients with tools and the encouragement to become 40-50 % functional and can be helped by scientific reading techniques.

The decoding difficulty is also a part of this illness. They would find it difficult to identify words that they read or hear for the first time. The sound of the letters, when spoken to them can also be a very difficult task for them to understand and interpret. They also experience difficulty in accessing the printed words.

The role of parents:

Parents can play a very important role in the development of their child with this disability. They can educate themselves, and make certain that the help needed is being provided.

They can also read aloud to their child and help them with their homework. Giving them feedback and encouragement can really create a sense of confidence and positivity in them. Getting the help of councilors and therapists is also a good idea.

A comprehensive neuropsychological assessment can also help these children by pointing out the other areas that need work. It can be a very difficult experience for some parents, but it is best to take this up as a mission.

Finally, it would be the love and support given to these children throughout their lives that would make a long-lasting difference.

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The article is composed by Lauren Luke, who is a master scuba diver, deep sea investigation enthusiast, and a journalist. She also work with professional essay writers and have a lot of experience in blogging .
I think I should add some to it, Dyslexia kids calculations and estimations are also disturbed, especially while playing some sports (Basketball, Football, Table tennis etc), they cannot estimate the shot to do or reflect in quick in case the is towards them, if this is found in any child, parents or teachers should be very aware of that. The cure is not sure but remedies are known to limit the problems like knowing about their interests and develop them, no strictness should be shown to these children, provide them counselling and guidance and Assignment help online, and after all motivation could also boost their self-confidence.
It is very helpful and great articles and I like this article. I am English teacher and works for Assignment Writing Service team member and i would like to say that Writing notes from the board can be extremely troublesome so putting a Dyslexic near the front of the classroom or giving them notes pre-printed can be exceptionally useful as well I am looking for technology they can help him obtain science and community studies notes. Any suggestions?
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