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Title : Born to create
Category : Painting and Art
Nobody needs art to live, but what is life without art? I would like to introduce myself as a free thinking artist with an abstract graphic style. I don't just decorate a space or object, I try to transform it into an experience. If you are looking to customize your space with a mural or canvas; to add a personal touch to a gift or collectible; or for hand crafted design solutions, you need not look any further. I work with different surfaces such as (walls, wood, canvas, cloth, glass, etc) I work with enthusiasm and love. You will see your concept beautifully transformed while seeing meaning and your own personal touch. Recent projects include yoga hall, spiritual/ prayer room, cafes, living rooms, logos, t shirts, furniture as well as live art at concerts and shows. If my style appeals to you, I will be happy to hear your concept, and take part in the transformation of your art space, through my artistic vision and vivid imagination. You can find some of my work/ creations here: For any queries, I respond promptly to emails on: Here's wishing you a magical day! 😇
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