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Meatballs Beef Box Meat : Make meatball meat ingredients cow, some of your Ingredients prepare This is, of course, the ingredients needed including easy get around you. Well, some ingredients are needed : 250 gr of fresh beef 100 gr ice cubes 50 gr of starch 5 grams of salt 2 cloves of garlic 2 tsp pepper powder How to make meatballs : Materials needed ready, the next step way manufacture. How to make cow meatball box is easy & simple. How to make the following : Cut a little fresh beef set aside Mix the beef with ice cubes water gentle milled water After that, put the meat dough in a container & mix the dough with starch & salt flour. Knead the mixed dough & dull Pour the dough in the provided baking sheet Steam the batter for 30 minutes of cooked raise Cut the boxball meatball Make meatball sauce : Meatball finished, other things made meatball sauce. The fresh gravy of your meatball guns serve. Make a meatball sauce, you try the recipe on below this. Meatballs ingredients & ingredients : Some of the ingredients & ingredients that are required to make meatball sauce are as follows: 750 ml of beef broth 4 cloves of garlic, chopped ½ tsp pepper powder Sasa enough Salt to taste Ways of making Make the meatball sauce, you do a few steps. The following manufacturing steps : Put the beef stock in a large pan Put the seasoning into it & heat it with medium fire Wait to boil serve You can boil meatballs at the same time Well, we understand 1 recipe that helps us making a unique box-shaped meatball ingredient beef. Material & how to make simple, this dish become a family alternative menu especially when cold rainy / winter seasons. For presentation, some complementary materials which you can add to create flavor distinctive meatballs. Some complementary materials that can be added noodles boiled to taste, tofu, leek, & fried onions. Add soy sauce, sauce & sauce taste of special box meatballs. Good luck.
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